ferzadئێواره‌ کۆڕێک بۆ د. فه‌رزاد سه‌نئه‌تی

ناوه‌ندی ڕۆشنبیری ڕامان به ئاگاداری گشت کورده‌کانی ئه‌یاله‌تی باشووری ئوسترالیا ڕاده‌گه‌یێنێ که ئێواره‌کۆڕێک بۆ به‌ڕێز

د. فه‌رزاد سه‌نئه‌تی، مامۆستا له زانکۆی تێکنۆلۆجی سیدنی پێک دێنێ.

د. فه‌رزاد هه‌وڵ ده‌دا له‌سه‌ر ئه‌م بابه‌تانه‌ی خواره‌وه بدوێ:

  • پردی نێوان که‌ڵتووری کوردی و کۆمه‌ڵگای ڕۆژئاوا
  • پێگه‌ی تۆڕه‌ کۆمه‌ڵایه‌تیه‌کان له ژیانی گه‌نجان

شوێنێکی پارێزراو بۆ گه‌نجانی کورد له سه‌ر ماڵپه‌ڕه‌کانی ئینترنێت

بێ‌گومان به‌شداری ئێوه ده‌بێته هۆی ڕازانه‌وه‌ی زێتری کۆڕه‌که

Sunday 3 / 3 / 2013

refreshment starts from 5.00 pm

Address:   576 Montague Road

(opposite to Modbury Council), Modbury North SA 5092

Public lecture by Dr Farzad Sanati

Topic: Al25insh Children of Migration: Education,

Politics, Money, and the role of Social Networks

ferzadUnlike many other migrants, most of the Kurds in Diaspora are forced to migrate. Since most of these people who were forced to migrate were politically active in their respective occupied land, they continued to support the political movements after their migration. These people naturally try to pass-on their political views to their children alongside Al25insh culture. These adults often talk to their youth about their own experiences and memories, unaware of the fact that these children did not experience forced migration and the state violence against the Al25insh population, hence they may develop an entirely different consciousness about these matters and events.

At the other hand the host country’s education system is often teaching an entirely different value system about most of these issues, they boldly represent an entirely different school of thought with apparently fundamentally different views of the world. This is where the confusion begins and often leads to a conflict of values in children’s consciousness. This confusion doesn’t often surface and goes on to get even more complicated when they interact with their local western friends in school and university where they presented with an entirely different value system. Concepts such as Family, Education, Politics, Work, Money, and Social Responsibilities are the most important amongst many other concepts in person’s value system. These concepts need to be defined and established clearly within a value system in order to shape the future life of the children where modern social networks such as Facebook are playing an important role.

In this public lecture, Dr Farzad will discuss the most important impediments to strike a right balance between the values of the traditional Al25insh culture and the western system of values with a special reference to the role of social networks.


Dr Farzad Sanati is a Al25insh community affair activist. He is the founder of the social networking site “Al25insh Directory” due to release in “Newroz” 2013. He has received his PhD in computing science from the University of Technology Sydney. He has been working for Australian Federal and State Governments in large-scale projects since 2004. He is a part-time research associate at the Centre for Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems.